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The Oregon Polka Beats formed as a band in the year 1987.

Band members include:

Lyle Heilman - Accordion/Vocals
David Iverson - Drums/Vocals
Jack Hillend - Horns/Vocals

They have played in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California and Arizona. Most of our engagements are in Washington and Oregon and in the Portland area.

 For many years, they have been a regular and hugely popular band which plays for all the area's Oktoberfest Festivals.

Our music is lively dance music, which features foxtrots, swing, two steps, waltzes, polkas, old standards, rhumbas, schottisches and country. We play for fairs, festivals, polkafests, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement parties, private parties, barn dances and fraternal organizations.

We currently have 3 CD’s out for everyone’s enjoyment.

Lyle Heilman, one of the original “Oregon Polka Beats”, plays midi accordion that takes care of the melody, bass line and background fill. He does many vocals. Lyle has over 40 years of experience as a professional musician. Lyle is originally from Bowdle, South Dakota and adds what we call the Dakota style and flavor to our music. Lyle grew up with the accordion in the family. His father and a couple of uncles played the accordion and influenced the style of music he plays. Lyle also is a huge fan of other musicians from the Midwest and also adds the Cleveland and Slovenian style to his repertoire.

Jack Hillend plays alto sax, tenor sax, clarinet, trumpet and does vocals. He has 54 years experience as a professional musician. Jack adds variety and harmony to our music. Jack has been a circus musician and has worked with over 25 well-known bands and orchestras. Jack is a lifetime member of the Portland Musicians Union. Jack has been playing Polka music for about 14 years when he started playing with the Oregon Polka Beats. Jack’s father was a very accomplished musician in the Portland area and jack has followed his footsteps and is well known through out Oregon.

The newest member of the Oregon Polka Beats is our drummer, David Iverson. David was born in Rugby, North Dakota in the 50’s and is a second-generation drummer. David’s family moved from North Dakota to Oregon in 1964. While David’s father was a drummer in a local band, David and his mother were always out on the floor dancing. David has been playing drums since 2001 and like his father is building an impressive reputation in the Polka world. We are very happy to have David as an addition to our band, as he has quite a feel and love for the Polka music.





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