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Guitarist, Norman Sylvester, AKA the "Boogie Cat" and his band, have been rocking the Portland area for over 20 years, sharing stages with the likes of B.B. King, Otis Clay and Buddy Guy.

Originally from Bonita, Louisiana, his family moved to Portland in 1957, but his Southern Traditions never left him.  The "Boogie Cat" is totally dedicated to the soul-healing force of music.  He is one of the most engaging showmen around the Northwest.

His band is in demand for weddings, festivals, corporate parties and club venues... anywhere where spectacular music and entertaiment is needed. 

He credits his Southern Baptist early years and the Gospel Quartet his father sang and toured with as his major influences...including their fashion which he says "was as sharp as they were with their harmonies".

Norman is a "family and community first" musician.  He has mentored many young artists in the area including Patrick Lamb, Gretchen Mitchell, Jolie Clausen, Joseph Knoty, Alden Harris and Gunner Roads among many others.

He teaches through grants, and Ethos "A History of American Music" in our public schools.  He and his band also use their power of music to perform for many benefits, charities and individuals in need.

A long career working at a trucking company, (he is a retired Teamster), and owning janitorial and landscaping businesses, which allowed him to follow his passion in music, Norman Sylvester has definitely "paid his dues", and is "living his dream", playing music full-time.

Of their 2003 release, "A Family Affair" John Foyston of The Oregonian said, "Norman Sylvester got it right when he called his CD "A Family Affair" because this is music that celebrates family and community, something Sylvester has been doing with his music for decades. "Some folks rip and run, some folks believe in signs," but Sylvester knows that groove is what counts. These songs are relaxed and easy-going and the singing and guitar work are models of understated elegance. This is music from a man who's been walking the walk for many years."

Band members also include sultry vocals by La Rhonda Steele, the "blonde bombshell"; back-up vocals by Lenanne Sylvester; dazzling keyboard work by the award-winning, jazz/blues/gospel legend, Janice Scroggins; drummer, Ashbolt Stewart, bassist, Bob Shoemaker, and Peter Moss, horns.



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