Don't Let Temptation
Turn You Around

Amazing Grace
w/Janice Scroggins

w/Janice Scroggins
 Linda Hornbuckle

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Linda Hornbuckle began singing at the age of 6 in the Grace & Truth Pentecostal Church, pastored by her father, Bishop H. Hornbuckle.

She began thrilling audiences in the Pacific Northwest, Europe, Canada, and across the United States in a variety of unique and different capacities; as a back-up singer for major touring acts and as the featured singer in various bands. Now, Linda is touring with her own band under her own name with one of the finest sets of musicians in the Northwest.

Linda's music is a soul-tinged hybrid that incorporates elements of her Gospel background with a full-bodied funk that showcases her phenomenal vocal style which at times sweeps across a smoky, soulful landscape with confident, world-class control.

She is an artist that electrifies her audience, radiating the emotional power usually displayed by the industries top divas of soul!

Critics have raved about Linda's phenomenal abilities:

"(Linda) a big-voiced singer who cuts loose in the finest gospel tradition and brings a dynamic sense of drama to her material..."

"...The most beautiful and powerful blues/gospel/soul voice in the Pacific Northwest."

" be a member of her audience is to feel totally privileged!!"

"...This is talent that transcends all barriers and genres... Real, honest to goodness soulful power of a magnitude that will leave you breathless..."



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