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 Leonid (Leo)  Nosov is a Ukrainian Bayan (button accordion) player.

He was born and raised in the western region of Bukovyna in the Ukraine. He began playing the harmoshka, concertina, when he was five years old.  About four years later, his father bought him a bayan, a type of accordion, which he plays mastefully. 

His repertoire includes a variety of traditional Ukrainian, Russian, and Moldavian (as well as Western European - German, Polish, Greek, etc.,) songs which he plays with passion and tenderness.

He arrived in Portland from Ukraine in 1994, and has been a part of the Oregon arts scene ever since, thanks to the Folk Life program of the Oregon Historical Society and grants from RACC, (Regional Arts and Culture Council).

He is a versatile Folk Dancer, choreographer, teacher and bayan player.  A graduate of the Cultural Institute of Chernivtsi, in western Ukraine, (in 1969), he specializes in folk ballet and folk music, which he plays on the bayan (button accordion).

He began his career at the Olga Kobylianska Music and Drama Theater and went on to dance his way through his army service requirements in the "Army Song and Dance Ensemble".

His professional career consisted of solo-dancer for the "Ukrainian Bukovynskij National Dance and Song Ensemble", and the Ukrainian National  Ballet Ensemble".

In additon Leonid danced with the "Viteretz Dance Ensemble",  the "Contemporary Times Group" and the "Army Song and Dance Ensemble of the Zabaikal Regions", where his troupe was dropped from helicopters for performances in remote villages and centers.

  A Rave Review:
                    "Loved Leonid!  Thank You!"
          Cyndy Maletis, July 2013  Booked Leo to play for her son's
             rehearsal dinner at the Art Museum.  They loved him so much,
             their guests were dancing in the aisles, they asked him to play
                                   for an extra hour.


         Call Nancy soon to book this outstanding musician!






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