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With a voice that has been compared to Luciano Pavarotti, not only does Justin Shandor have the pipes, he has the whole package! In fact, his mannerisms and moves are so identical to that of Elvis, it's impossible for even the biggest Presley fan to identity a single flaw or inaccuracy in his performance. He is such a close match to the King that a few years back, USA Today put Justin on the front page. He is basically the type of performer that you have to see to believe.

While much of his success as an entertainer has no doubt resulted from his unbelievable God-given talent and ability, part of it is also a testament to Justin's hard work and deduction to self-fulfillment, to his craft, and to keeping the legacy of Elvis Presley accurately and respectably alive.

At the age of 12, Justin's mother introduced him to the music and trappings of Elvis Presley; "instantly" it was a match made in Heaven! He began professionally impersonating The King when he was 16, and has spent the last eight years practicing and perfecting upon his already remarkable skills and instinct. Now, at the ripe ol' age of 26, with a voice that no amount of lessons could spawn, Justin is one of the foremost Elvis impersonators in the world.

Although Justin Shandor has enjoyed the majority of his success and notoriety impersonating The King of Rock 'N Roll, he is far more than an Elvis Tribute Artist. Justin is also a very gifted musician, playing many instruments including the piano, and writing his own amazing songs.

Las Vegas Review Journal:
No Other Elvis Tribute Artist:
...Ever looked like this
...Ever sounded like this
...Ever moved like this
Remarkable Physical Resemblance, the voice, and all
the moves.

Justin won first place and $20,000.00 in the ultimate Elvis Contest, Memphis, TN. August 2010.
Contest presented by Elvis Presley Enterprizes, Inc.



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