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Greg Meier has competed in a number of Accordion competitions over the years. He has competed at the international level in Kimberly, British Columbia, and at Leavenworth, Washington. In Kimberly he had the opportunity to perform on stage with Myron Floren from the Lawrence Welk Show 2 different years. Greg has consistently placed in the top 3 every year he has competed. For two years, Greg was asked by the Kimberly Chamber of Commerce to be the strolling accordionist from June to September, at the Platzle, a job he thoroughly enjoyed!

Greg teaches Accordion in Sandy as well as repairing & servicing all makes. Accordion is surely in his blood; you see his Father who is Swiss-German played Accordion, as well as his Norwegian Grandfather on his Mothers side. What’s more, his younger brother and younger twin sisters played as well! Greg got his start at Heidi’s Swiss Village in Boring at the age of 6 were he preformed for patrons every Sunday after church. “I don’t think I was very good” Meier said “but I’m sure people thought I was cute dressed in lederhosen playing the Accordion”. Greg’s full time job is Director of Music at the world famous Rheinlander Restaurant in Portland. (They graciously let him have time off to perform at Oktoberfst’s) He has worked there since 1992, working 6 nights a week, every Tuesday-Sunday. He has also played at the Edelweiss Inn in Vancouver, The Berlin Inn, Gustavs Bier Stube, Ernesto’s Italian restaurant, and a myriad of other restaurants in the greater Portland area. He most recently is performing in “Who Stole My Dead Husband” an interactive dinner theater held at Madison’s Grill in South East Portland.

Greg has put together his own group, the Greg Meier Alpine Quartet. It is this very same group that has entertained festival goers in the Northwest since 1993.

The quartet consists of Greg and a couple of friends he met while playing at the Rheinlander.

Eric Mireiter, a recent graduate from University of Portland, plays the drums. Bernardo Gomez plays the Upright Double Bass and has typically played Latin music. On Clarinet/Sax is a Swiss man, Frank Knuesel. He not only plays woodwinds, but has perfect pitch, is fluent in 11 languages, and is accomplished on the piano. He was in the US Air Force before going to the Mt. Angel Abbey and becoming a priest. He is semi retired but does interim speaking. This group maybe small in number, but the sound they produce makes them sound a lot bigger than they are!



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