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The Early Music Guild of Oregon is a non-profit organization founded in 1978 to promote the interest in, the study of, and the performance of early music, and to encourage the construction and use of historically accurate early instruments. EMGO sponsors concerts, workshops, lectures, master classes, and meetings open to all interested parties.


Oregon's Early Music Performers

Hideki Yamaya

Specializing in the playing of lutes and historical guitars, Mr. Yamaya has recently moved to Bend, Oregon from Los Angeles.
Renaissance and Baroque lutes, archlute, theorbo, baroque guitar, mandolino, and 19th century guitar. He has studied with Robert Strizich, John Schneiderman, James Tyler, Paul Beier, and others. A cd recording entitled "Lute Recital: Music of Dowland, Ballard, and Zamboni" is available from Mediolanum Music. A work by Giorgio Scotti is also included. For more information visit www.hyamaya.com.

Ensemble De Organographia

Ensemble De Organographia, Philip and Gayle Neuman, specializes in the music of four distinct periods; Antiquity, Medieval, Renaissance, and the 19th century, all performed on period instruments or faithful reproductions. Their concerts are entertaining and informative, combining text and song to bring to life the musical art of the distant past.

The repertoire of ensemble De Organographia is performed in an improvisatory style based on precepts preserved in period treatises. They perform ancient music of the Greeks, Egyptians and Sumerians on lyre, kithara, pandoura, salpinx, trichordon, aulos, psithy
ra, sistrum, syrinx monokalamos and tympanon. Their medieval repertoire is played on recorders, shawm, vielle, citole, bagpipe, douçaines, and slide trumpet. Their renaissance repertoire is performed on recorders, cittern, bandora, violin, sackbuts, carnival whistle, curtal, racketts, krummhorns, schreierpfeif, and pipe & tabor. Their 19th century performances are played on violin, viola, flageolets, cetra or english guitar, spanish guitar, banjo, czakan (walking stick recorder), ophicleide, serpent, and sausage bassoon.

De Organographia has presented numerous concerts, lectures and demonstrations in the US, Germany, Norway, Japan, Turkey, Greece, Israel, and Jordan since 1978. They have performed at the Getty Center, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Florida State University, Oberlin Conservatory, Case Western Reserve University, the Bodrum Museum, the Amman Music Conservatory, and the Regensburg Old Town Hall.


De Organographia has released seven CDs on the Pandourion label:

- "Music of the Ancient Greeks"
- "Music of the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks"
- "French Music of the 14th Century: Machaut and the Following Generation"
- "Carnevale! Music of 16th c. Italy"
- "L'autre jour, Harp Music of the 18th & 19th centuries"
- "The One Horse Open Sleigh, 19th c. Christmas Music on Original Instruments"
- "Everything is Ragtime Now".


There is more information about De Organographia's ancient Greek music at http://www.cs.utk.edu/~mclennan/BA/PT/BA/OM/DO.html.


Gayle Stuwe Neuman, voice, strings, and winds, co-directs the Oregon Renaissance Band and is a member of the Trail Band and has performed with Capella Romana, and Magnificat. She teaches Music History at Marylhurst University.

Philip Neuman, winds and plucked strings, co-directs the Oregon Renaissance Band and teaches Counterpoint and Scoring and Arranging at the University of Portland and Music History at Marylhurst University. He is a member of the Trail Band and has performed with the American Bach Soloists, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, The Chicago Chorale, Handel & Haydn Society Orchestra, and Spiritus Collective.


The Neumans with Hideki Yamaya will perform a special public concert at the Central Library, 810 SW 10th Ave., on Sunday, June 27, 2010, at 12:30 pm, to celebrate the opening of the exciting new exhibit of the Library of John Adams, the second President of the United States. Their concert will include:

Music from the Time of John Adams: Ensemble De Organographia: Gayle and Philip Neuman, along with Hideki Yamaya, will be performing American music from the late 18th and early 19th centuries on a variety of period instruments and voice. Music by John Hewitt, William Billings, Edward Riley, and others will be performed on flageolets, czakan (walking stick recorder), early guitar, sausage bassoon, serpent, violin, and viola. Included will be "Adams and Liberty", "New Yankee Doodle", "Celebration March", pieces from the "Czakan Schule", "Chester", and many others.


The Oregon Renaissance Band

The Oregon Renaissance Band is an 8 to 12 member ensemble dedicated to performing and recording music of the Renaissance, played on faithful reproductions of historical instruments. These include violins, cittern, harp, bandora, chitarrino, recorders, krummhorns, racketts, sackbuts, pipe & tabor, bagpipes, schreierpfeiffen, and percussion, many of which were built by the performers. The Oregon Renaissance Band has presented concerts and workshops since 1991 and has been featured on NPR's "Performance Today". Their cd with ensemble De Organographia is entitled "Carnevale! Carnival Songs, Frottole, Dances and other Festive Music of 16th century Italy". In 1998, ORB performed at the early music festival in Regensburg, Germany.

Directed by Philip Neuman and Gayle Neuman. Other members include Daphne Clifton, Kathryn Richer, Andy Harris, Polly Gibson, David Bryan, Lori Fitch, and Laura Zaerr

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