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 Chata Addy & Susuma

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Chata Addy, lead vocalist and songwriter, leads his band Susuma with his highly acclaimed, unforgettable three-Conga drum performance, the talking drum and other percussion instruments.

With his extensive background in dance, Chata brings plenty of energy to the stage. His joy in sharing what he does comes through in his rapport with the audience.

Chata Addy and Susuma play West African dance music, which Chata calls Afro-Reggae and Funky Highlife, an upbeat blend of traditional African and contemporary world music that makes people want to dance! 

No one can sit still when Chata's band is on the bandstand!

Whether Ghanian native Chata, is singing in his native language Ga or in English, listeners understand that he just wants everyone dancing and feeling happy. Susuma means "soul" in Ga.

Chata Addy and Susuma have opened for renowned international performers—I.K. Dairo, Jimmy Cliff, Diblo and Loketo, Les Tetes Brulees, Nzuake M'Bula, and Mahlathini & the Mahotella Queens.



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