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Caña Son is a Cuban son band that plays traditional son music.

The group focuses on popular Cuban son from the turn of the last century through the nineteen fifties.Following son music’s history out of the Eastern Provinces of Cuba to the Capital of Havana and beyond.

Son is the forefather of contemporary salsa music and is said to be the most important genre of Cuban music.

Caña Son covers material from favorite son giants such as Trio Matamoros, Guillermo Portabales, Celina y Reutilio (Celina Gonzalez), Ramón Veloz, Joseíto Fernández, Ignacio Piñeiro (Septeto Nacional), Compay Segundo (Los Compadres), Eliades Ochoa (Cuarteto Patria), Ñico Saquito, Arsenio Rodriguez, Felíx Chapottín, Beny Moré, La Sonora Matancera, Celia Cruz, Cachao, and many others.

Contemporary son revivalist such as Juan de Marcos González (Sierra Maestra, Buena Vista Social Club and Afro Cuban All-stars) Albita Rodríguez, Polo Montañez, Jesus Alemany’s Cubanísmo, etc., are all excellent examples of what this band strives for.

The group follows the classic conjunto de son line up of acoustic guitar, tres guitar, upright bass, trumpet and Cuban percussion.

Caña Son Band members include:

John Connell - Maribona - vocals and percussion
Sherman Floyd - guitar and vocals
Ivan Alamo - tres guitar, guitar and vocals
Keith Brush - bass
Giovanni Cruz - percussion
Miko Vigil-Escalera - vocals and percussion
Farnell Newton - trumpet



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