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The Grammy-Nominated Brothers of the Baladi, is a Middle Eastern / World Music band with a unique style and sound that ranges from traditional acoustic to a Rockin' groove that audiences love.

Based in Portland, Oregon the band has been performing for over 30 years by adapting traditional Middle Eastern music and American sensibilities to create a new hybrid of World Music.

They play Tradional Middle Eastern instruments (acoustic and electric Oud and Saz, Mitmar, Midjiz, Def, Riq, Davul and Doumbek), fueled with Guitar, Bass, and Drums for a unique sound that crosses borders and bridges cultures.

They sing in seven languages (Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, French, Spanish, Armenian and English) to create a unique and highly rhythmic dance music. 

Their exotic rhythms and sounds blends seamlessly with familiar grooves, and makes their music highly accessible to all audiences.

The Brothers have been blazing World Music trails around the globe through their recordings and live shows for over three decades. 

They have released 11 CD's. 

Their music is perfect for Festivals, Colleges and Universities, Concerts, Performing Arts, Multi-Cultural Programs, Weddings and other special events. 

They also present Middle Eastern / World Music and Drumming Workshops for all levels.

What people say about Brothers of the Baladi:

"A sound that knows no borders"...LA Times

"Infectiously danceable..." Artvoice, Buffalo, New York

"Brothers of the Baladi mix the insistent beat of Middle Eastern Music with equal parts Rock and Roll." Monterey Herald, Monterey, California

"...Brothers of the Baladi play music that makes regular guys loosen their ties and dance on the tables..."  The Oregonian, Portland Oregon

"People were dancing in a well-lit public place and that never happens.  Bottom Line - they make you move."  Watermargin Cooperative/ Program Board, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

"Exciting, Educational, Sensational...everyone danced..." ASMSU Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

"The Brothers of the Baladi put on a great show.  The talented and personable ensemble had everybody dancing, including the kids, and the music was worldly, energetic, and inspiring."  Brian Hurlbut Arts Council of Big Sky, MT

"Brothers of the Baladi are the 'real deal' - a fresh take on an ancient idea." - Diane Gordon, The Beat Magazine.




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