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New Website on goes Live First Week of

Northwest Artist Management specializes in numerous styles of jazz music which are appropriate for wedding receptions, anniversary parties, or any time that elegant, tasteful, background music is needed to add ambiance for special occasions.  Many are ideal for theme parties.

 This new website defines 6 different kinds of danceable or background jazz. 

They include: 

  1.  Roaring Twenties, "Jazz Age"
  2.  "Traditional":  Dixieland, New Orleans Style, Mardi Gras, Cajun/Zydeco
  3.  "Americana" From the Great American Songbook, Big Bands of the 1930's
             and 1940's during the WWII years.
  4.  Frank Sinatra, Crooners, "Rat Pack"
  5.  Brazilian, Afro-Cuban Salsa, Bossa Nova
  6.  Background Jazz for listening, not dancing.

We will also tell you what period in history they first became popular, and the famous composers, bandleaders, and artists which made them famous.  We will also give examples of songs and dances people continue to love today.

Call Nancy soon for further info and quotes: 503-774-2511

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