Date: 5/22/2013 5:57 PM UTC

You Never Know When a Networking Contact Will Pay Off!

      We recently drove down to check out the J. Wrigley Vineyards off Hwy 18 near Sheridan.  We had been asked by a bridal client to recommend her reception band, based on the positive experience her fiance's sister had had, booking her reception band with us in 2009.

        We like to see the performance space, and verify the mileage for the band, so we can make the most accurate recommendations to our clients.  J Wrigley Vineyards,, is a stunning location, right on the top of a hill with a commanding view of the surrounding Yamhill county.  The tasting room has rustic furniture and wall coverings of re-claimed wood, a large fireplace, plenty of windows, and a nearly complete bride's bedroom/changing room and private bath. 

        After seeing the space, we were able to recommend a slightly smaller sized band for our client, to better fit the available space, allow for the dance floor, and acceptable volume level.

          The vineyard outside, has several areas suitable for holding ceremonies, and also for setting up outside tables for the party. 

         We were pleased we were able to recommend Tracy Amos, 503-481-4449, owner of One-Of-A-Kind, Classic, Vintage Furniture  We had met her the week before at a NW Wed Pro monthly Wedding Network Group dinner at The Aerie At Eagle Landing.   Tracy's furniture would be perfect for their bride who wanted to create an elegant, but rustic ambiance, so we recommended her right away. 

       Watch this Blog next week for news of our updated Mobile website,   About half are returning favorites, and that other half are exciting new groups we hope you will want to book this summer!  

Call us soon, to find out who:
       Nancy Tice   503-774-2511,

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Date: 5/7/2013 6:47 PM UTC

              Great Gatsby "Over-The-Top" Party Style
                       Influences Summer Events

We went to a press screening of the new Great Gatsby movie with a movie critic friend last night. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire, and was written and produced by Baz Luhrmann.  Filming was done in Australia.
As we suspected, the party scenes were lavish, flamboyant and visually dazzling in every way. (Filmed in 3D).  The women wore the period costumes of the Roaring Twenties: cloche, (close-fitting) hats, with Art Deco trim, some feathers, flapper dresses with lots of sparkles, danced the Charleston, and drank lots of champagne, late into the night.  The men wore evening dress, or navy blazers and white trousers.

The only thing that was not true to the era of the1920's was the music, which produced by Jay-Z.  Some songs were even sung by Beyonce.

The exciting, early jazz that IS authentic of the period is played by several of the outstanding bands on our roster.  They all have many fans that follow them around to their various gigs so they can dance to this wonderful music.

We suspect many of you will want to host a "Gatsby-esque" -themed party or wedding reception this summer, so please call us soon for information and quotes on these outstanding ensembles.

          Nancy:  503-774-2511

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Date: 5/2/2013 10:06 PM UTC

  Website Home Page has a Bright New Look with New Photos.
                  Other Headings have been Improved as well!

We've been hard at work changing our roster to reflect the most current list of the most talented artists and musicians in the area.
In many cases, we've updated existing member's  pages with new photos, and promo information which reflects their more recent activities.

We've updated our  list of valued Clients that we are so proud to work with year after year.  They represent many of the very finest companies, firms and venues in the area.

Our Links list has also greatly expanded with vendors we have come to know and value, and are pleased to recommend to you. They come mostly from our work in the wedding business, but many of their services are applicable to other kinds of events and special occasions.

Nancy has updated her bio page, making it more friendly with a
"Meet Nancy" greeting, and a fun new photo from a delectable Sunday Brunch at the London Grill Restaurant in the Benson Hotel, alas, no longer there.

We will be adding a new category to the Roster page of Dance Instructors:  Latin Salsa, Country Line Dance, and Ballroom, which includes many other kinds of popular dances including swing, tango, and Lindy-Hop that have many devoted fans around the city.

We hope you will continue to check in to see what other areas have been improved, as websites, including ours, are always an ongoing "work in progress".   

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