Date: 2/6/2015 9:08 PM UTC

                              Beating The Black Dog

Sir Winston Churchill called it the "Black Dog".  It never failed to visit him during times of deep psychological distress...such as when he was Prime Minister of Great Britain, in the thick of fighting WWII.

     During the past six months, I have had to confront my own "Black Dog" who arrived completely uninvited.  My partner of 23 yrs., Loren Nutter, passed away on August 11, 2014 of Prostate Cancer.  We met as board members of the Jazz Society of Oregon in the summer of 1992.

    My loss was nothing like the life and death struggles Sir Winston** faced when the world was at war.   However,  there have been some extremely rough patches which were very difficult for me to manage, while still trying to remain my usual cheery self.  That is why I may have seemed a little scarce during this time.

   I am happy to report that as we embrace a brand new year, that "old black dog" of mine, got stuck in the old year, and for the most part, has ceased nipping at my heals! 

   Thanks to the love, assistance, and help of many dear friends, family, and musical colleagues, I am enjoying a new sense of energy, ready to tackle new and exciting projects, and booking all kinds of  new and interesting gigs.

     Have you ever wanted a fire juggler to provide sizzling entertainment at your next summer picnic?  What about graceful acrobats suspended from the ceiling, making all of your guests gasp in disbelief?  Or, what if a good friend passes and you want to host a good, old fashioned Irish Wake in their honor, complete with corned beef and cabbage, soda bread and beer? ... and all the jigs and reels you can possibly manage? 
                           Give us a call, we can help!

   You may expect regular bi-monthly blogs, monthly e-newsletters, (sometimes, more often), and news of new artists.  We will also offer suggestions for theme parties we hope you will want to book, for the very best summer parties and weddings ever! 
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                    Northwest Artist Management  Nancy Anne Tice
** The most wonderful  thing I ever did was persuade my beautiful wife to marry me!"
                                                  Sir Winston Churchill.

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