Date: 1/23/2014 12:28 AM UTC

           We Filmed Our New Video

We are pleased to announce that we filmed our new company video yesterday afternoon.  It went well.  It should be edited, and ready to post on our website within 30 days.  When it is ready to go, we will confirm on this blog.

We hope it will give you a better look into how we conduct our business, and the reasons why we hope you will call us first when you are starting your search for special music. We can save you time and money thanks to our connections and expertise. 

We are proud to say "we only work with artists that make us look good", so you can trust we are recommending the very best-qualified musicians we know of.

We'd like to thank Deb Rodney of Flying Point Moving Pictures for shooting the video,, and Joy-Marie Peterson, Make-Up Artist,

     Contact Nancy soon for a quote on your next event.


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Date: 1/9/2014 11:52 PM UTC

              What's New In February

We are  producing the first-ever video about our business, and how we can help you find your special music easier, more cost-effective and fun!  Many people don't understand how a booking agency works, so don't call for fear they will have to pay more for the agency commission.  We hope to answer all of those questions.  By the way, you don't have to pay more!

For one thing, we save you time and money thanks to our connections and expertise.  You tell us exactly what your vision is for your wedding or special event, and we do our best to help you make it all come true, and almost always, within your budget.

What if your favorite band is already booked, or is out of your price range?A reputable  agency will have several fresh ideas that can solve these dilemmas.

What if  you don't have a clue where to start looking, and just don't have the luxury of  lots of free time to search.  Planning a wedding can be a daunting job!

Our video should be posted around February 1st.  We hope you'll look for it, and then contact us with your questions, and entertainment needs.  We look forward to working with you!  We sell "Peace of Mind".

           Nancy Anne Tice 503-774-2511   

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Date: 12/10/2013 7:34 PM UTC

    Wishing You Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

Our success depends upon good relationships with our many wonderful clients, and the musicians that make all the magic happen.  We are grateful for all of them, and extend our sincere thanks for your business this past year!

We have plans to offer new musicians for your consideration, and have just launched a new Northwest Artist Management Business Fan Page on Face Book.

We invite you to let us know if you'd like to sign up for our newsletter, where we will be regularly announcing upcoming activities, and featuring musicians we'd like you to get to know much better. 

The New Year offers many opportunities for new growth, and re-doubled effort to contribute to the greening of the planet, and to work in the spirit of cooperation for the good of all, which was set by the example of the late, great Nelson Mandela.

                                "Success is dependent on effort."
                                    Sophocles  c.496 - 406 B.C.


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Date: 11/19/2013 10:47 PM UTC

        Good Things Come In Small Packages!
When we're children, we tended to think the bigger the present, the more wonderful it would be.  As we got older, we discovered that excellent things could indeed be found in a small package. We found that bigger wasn't always better, and smaller wasn't always less expensive.
      That's why we want to remind you that while you are considering your holiday party entertainment, (weddings or music for any special event), we can provide excellent soloists or small groups, to create the perfect background ambiance, or can take the temperature up for dancing if you prefer.  And all for very cost-effective prices.

Steve                              Chris

 Gary, Crystal, Ray
Two seasoned, polished ensembles we'd like to recommend include the UpFront Duo, (2-5 pcs), and the Carried Away Trio.  Both have excellent and varied song lists from which to choose, and welcome your requests including seasonal favorites.

                                     Check them out on our website:
        Call Nancy soon for availability and Quote:  503-774-2511

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Date: 10/31/2013 6:50 PM UTC



    Book Your Holiday Party Music Now!

The holiday season is fast-approaching, and we'd like to remind you we've

got lots of ideas for your holiday party music.  Your choices include dance

bands, small jazz, or classical ensembles, soloists, and choral or gospel groups,

playing elegant background music, to create the perfect ambiance for your

special event.

Instrument choices include solo harp, (always a seasonal favorite), Renaissance, Celtic, guitar, strings, flute, clarinet, soprano and tenor sax with guitar and upright bass, (add drums for dancing).  Piano, (keyboard proved if no piano at the venue), variety Duos and Trios for dancing, (very cost-effective), classic rock, Motown, R&B, Blues, Vintage Pop, you name it, we can find it.  Requests gladly played whenever possible, including the holiday favorites.

Call or email us now to book your first choice: 503-774-2511,

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Date: 10/18/2013 6:47 PM UTC

      International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes at OMSI
                              October 10, 2013

We were fortunate enough to be invited to book and produce the entertainment for the VIP Party, Oct. 9th, the night before the opening of this world premier exhibit.  It was held in the Library Room in the Governor Hotel.

Approximately 65 sponsors and donors were there including Exhibits Development Group and Geoffrey M. Curley + Associates, in collaboration with the Conan Doyle Estate Limited, The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the Museum of London, and Museum Directors from around the USA.

 We invited  David Charvet, internationally-known as an award-winning author, historian and performer in the world of magic for nearly 40 yrs, to present a program about "The Mysterious Friendship of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini."

 Incidental music was provided by violinist, Bela R Balogh, and his band, 3 Leg Torso. 3LT is a world chamber music ensemble which tours, performs with symphony orchestras, and composes music for film and television.

 Their program was a tremendous success, ending with photos being taken with Richard Doyle, great nephew of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.



      Nancy Tice  503-774-2511

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Date: 10/1/2013 11:07 PM UTC

     New Orleans, Dixieland Style Jazz

The terms New Orleans, or Dixieland style jazz, are used interchangeably, and are frequently called "Traditional" jazz.  It began in New Orleans in the early years of the 20th century and was always meant for dancing.  It quickly spread to Chicago and NYC.  The "Dixieland" name is a reference to the Old South, and is one of the earliest styles of jazz music.

     Louis Armstrong's All-Stars was the band which most popularized, and was most identified with this style.  A great lead trumpet is a must!

 Early "greatest hits" that are still popular today include  Basin Street Blues, When the Saints Go Marching In, St. James Infirmary, St. Louie Blues, Some of These Days, After You've Gone, What a Wonderful Life, Dream a Little Dream of Me, When You're Smiling, All of Me, Only You, and On the Sunny Side of the Street.

Call Nancy today to discuss  booking one of these exuberant, upbeat, high energy bands for your next special event where you want to

   "Laissez les bon temps rouler"   "Let the good times roll!"


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Date: 9/11/2013 10:25 PM UTC

Clearing up some questions/confusion in our e-newsletter sent  
                     yesterday, September 10th.

We are sorry it was not clear that we are not dropping our long-time website,, in favor of a brand new website,

What we have done, is added a page/listing on, as the Jazz Music Specialists, so our bridal and private clients can learn the differences between the various styles of jazz music, and therefore, be able to book them quickly and easily. 

 There are also photo galleries, so you may see pictures of some of our most popular jazz ensembles, and an easy way to contact us.

We define 5 different kinds of danceable jazz, and also background jazz for listening, but not dancing.  Many lend themselves to Theme Parties where the music, food and decor are all coordinated. 

 Yesterday, we talked about the exciting music from the "Roaring Twenties", aka "The Jazz Age".  The Great Gatsby years. 

Within 2 wks, we will send another newsletter about "Traditional Jazz".  Those styles include Dixieland, New Orleans Style, Mari Gras, and Cajun/Zydeco

 Please feel free to contact us any time you have a question or comment:  Nancy 503-774-2511,

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Date: 9/4/2013 12:15 AM UTC

     We are pleased to announce our new website is live!
       Please check it out at

There seems to be lots of confusion about the definition of jazz music, and where to book it for wedding receptions and corporate and private parties.  We've had over 20 years of experience working with many of the finest, Portland-based jazz artists, so wanted to make your search as fun and easy as possible.

As Portland's "Jazz Specialists", we narrow down the various styles that are danceable and most frequently requested for weddings and parties.  We define 5 different styles, as well as "background" music, where you don't want to dance, but DO want to create a warm and stylish ambiance in the background. 

We can also assist you in finding dance instructors that teach all styles.  Whether you want to samba, mambo, tango, Lindy Hop, or cha, cha, cha, we can help you find terrific and experienced instructors.

In addition to learning about the different styles, we also feature a photo gallery of many of the artists and bands we are proud to represent.  We will be adding more photographs in the days and weeks to come.

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Date: 8/28/2013 6:19 PM UTC

New Website on goes Live First Week of

Northwest Artist Management specializes in numerous styles of jazz music which are appropriate for wedding receptions, anniversary parties, or any time that elegant, tasteful, background music is needed to add ambiance for special occasions.  Many are ideal for theme parties.

 This new website defines 6 different kinds of danceable or background jazz. 

They include: 

  1.  Roaring Twenties, "Jazz Age"
  2.  "Traditional":  Dixieland, New Orleans Style, Mardi Gras, Cajun/Zydeco
  3.  "Americana" From the Great American Songbook, Big Bands of the 1930's
             and 1940's during the WWII years.
  4.  Frank Sinatra, Crooners, "Rat Pack"
  5.  Brazilian, Afro-Cuban Salsa, Bossa Nova
  6.  Background Jazz for listening, not dancing.

We will also tell you what period in history they first became popular, and the famous composers, bandleaders, and artists which made them famous.  We will also give examples of songs and dances people continue to love today.

Call Nancy soon for further info and quotes: 503-774-2511

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