Date: 10/29/2012 8:32 PM UTC

             We are pleased to share a few of the Hottest Predictions for 2013.
     Source BridalTweet, and Elvira DeCuir, Wedding & Event Planner from 3D-Memoirs.

Mint Green will be the color of choice for brides in 2013.

Birds are everywhere, and are expected to be big part of wedding decore, as well as Paper

For Rustic-themed events, expect to see Chicken Wire taking over from burlap as an inexpensive decorating material, as well as Bark, even encircling the cake!

Braids will be seen in every upcoming, summer movie, and will be big for hairstyles in 2013.

The glitzy decade of the 1920's, aka, the "Roaring Twenties" will be back in fashion due to the release of the upcoming, The Great Gatsby movie.  Gatsby, in the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, is known for his lavish and glittering parties on Long Island...despite Prohibition, (1920-1933), the champagne flowed freely, and everyone danced the Charleston and tangoed 'til dawn.  Glamor and elegance will be the highlight of many dazzling wedding celebrations in 2013.

This is particularly good news for us at Northwest Artist Mgmt because we've got at least two excellent dance bands, who play the exciting music of the 1920's. 

Contact Nancy soon, to find out who they are, and get a quote for your next celebration!
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