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Swing Machine

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This band's impressive collection of musicians and their musicianship is what makes the Swing Machine stand taller and swing harder and longer than any other band on the scene today. The musicianship of this band allows it to play to any situation, be it a dance or a concert. It gets down and blue with tunes like "Goin on Blues", played in the gospel style of "God Bless the Child", it captures the romanticism found in the delicate harmonies of ballads like "Misty", and it can generate the hard swinging heat of Woody Herman's Apple Honey".

To say this band swings is an understatement - it flat out cooks. What makes this band so entertaining is the sound that only a big band can generate. The sounds that make this big band so different from all the others are its unique book of charts. Under the guidance of Art Abrams, new charts by contemporary arrangers as well as standards have been arranged by some of the best jazz arrangers in the business. This adds new energy, depth, and style to the music of the Swing Machine.

As a Dance Band, the Swing Machine is in great demand and has generated a loyal following of swing and ballroom dancers for public and private dances in venues like the Multnomah Athletic Club, The Arlington Club, and the Benson Hotel to name just a few. The Swing Machine has a large dance book of SMBBcharts containing the standards of Glenn Miller, swinging charts of Woody Herman and Count Basie, to the mellow tones of the Dorsey's and Harry James bands.

Excellence and the joy of producing a unique and quality musical experience for the audience as well as the musicians makes this band different. It doesn't matter what style of music is your favorite, if you like music you will become a fan of Art Abrams Swing Machine. All you have to do is listen.



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