Airbrush Face Art
by Karen

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On your face or body, we can create pictures, masks, animals, one-of-a-kind creatures, etc. Absolutely great for Halloween and Mardi Gras as well as fairs, festivals, sporting events, corporate functions, company picnics and private events.

Stencil Designs
Stenciled designs are extremely popular with all ages. The teens and adults get in line for these as well as the children. These are done with a water-based makeup which washes off easily with soap and water. These can be applied to any part of the face and body.

Custom Designed Stencils
Stencils are a great addition for your special event, including sporting events, athletic clubs, movie and store promotions, etc. Stencils can be custom-designed to fit a specific themed event.

Sporting Events
Sporting events can be custom designed.  The airbrushing encompasses full face, hair painting as well as stenciled designs. This is equally popular with all ages.



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