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3 Leg Torso creates charming, elegant and daring, modern, chamber pop music, infused with equal parts tradition and innovation. Influenced by tango, Eastern European folk, and other world music traditions, their cosmopolitan musical style embraces wit and humor within thoughtful, uncommon and beautiful musical arrangements.

They are a world chamber music ensemble which tours, performs with symphony Orchestras, and composes music for film and television. 

On October 9, 2013, Northwest Artist Management booked them to play for the VIP reception, for the first-ever International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, which opened at OMSI the next day. 

65 distinguished guests were invited including Mr. Geoffrey Curley, Designer and Concept lead, Mr. Jon Lellenberg, Licensor of the Conan Doyle Estate Ltd., Alex Werner of the Museum of London, and Mr. Richard Doyle, great nephew of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Bela played the theme from the Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, PBS Mystery Series, on solo violin, as well as other incidental music, and the rest of the band played before and after the program.

The program was a "Parlor Show", presented by International authority on the history of Magic, David Charvet, entitled, "An Evening Among The Spirits".  It included baffling magic illusions, and a recounting of the true story of the Love/Hate relationship between Sir Arthur and Madam Doyle, who were ardent Spiritualists, and Harry Houdini who thought the whole thing was "Balderdash"!

                       Some Rave Reviews: 

"Astonishing musicianship, timeless yet wholly original song craft.  3 Leg  
                      Torso is a unique American treasure."
                                       Steve Berlin, Los Lobos

                     "I love 3 Leg torso, it blows the top off my head!"
                                     Teller of Penn & Teller

   "3 Leg Torso makes the greatest music you could ever put in a movie."
                       Morgan Spurlock, Director, SuperSize Me

"They have one foot in Eastern Europe and one foot in the Pacific North
                        West.  Then there's that third foot."
  Victoria Frey, Executive Director, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art 
                   "A band of great whimsy, wonderful to watch."
Joan Gratz, Academy Award winning filmmaker.

"OnT album Astor in Paris awarded Album of theorgan Spurlock, D

3 Leg Torso band members include:

Béla Balogh - Violin, Trumpet
Courtney Von Drehle - Accordian
Mike Murphy - Double Bass
Gary Irvine - Mallets, Percussion
Kyle MacLowry - Mallets






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